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What's Tweep?

A Tweep is someone who uses Twitter (at least for the purposes of this discussion). The etymology is unknown, but it's a pretty safe bet that it's a take off on peeps, which is short for people and usually refers to ones friends. On Twitter, your tweeps are people that see your updates (followers) or people whose updates you see (friends).

Ok, then what is TweepDiff?

TweepDiff is a web application that lets you see the differences between the friends or followers of two Twitter users. You can enter two Twitter screen names and choose whether to look at friends or followers for each one and TweepDiff will display the differences and commonalities of the two users.

Why would I want to diff some tweeps?

There are several reasons you might want to use TweepDiff
  • By entering your name in both boxes and choosing friends for the first box and followers for the second, you can see who is following you, that you aren't following back, or who you are following that isn't following you back. This may help remind you to follow people, or it may remind you to unfollow someone who is no longer following you.
  • Sometimes, someone will follow you and you have no idea why. TweepDiff will let you see who they have in common with you, which can often be a good indication. For example, if you follow a lot of Ruby programmers and someone follows you and TweepDiff shows that they follow the same coders, chances are Ruby is the reason they are following you.
  • If you think someone else is a good judge of Twitter usefulness, you can diff yourself with them to discover new people to follow.
  • Maybe you're just nosy.

How do I use it?

  1. Choose Friend or Follower from the radio buttons for the first user
  2. Enter the Twitter screen name of the first user
  3. Choose Friend or Follower from the radio buttons for the second user
  4. Enter the Twitter screen name of the second user
  5. Click the + icon to add additional users to compare
  6. Press the Compare button to start the comparison
  7. TweepDiff will display the users that are common to all of the users you entered as well as links to let you switch views:

    • The left-most tab will say Common and shows you the users that are common to all the users you entered
    • Each of the other links will show the friends/followers unique to that user
    • The links on the right let you switch between the amount of detail you see and how many show up per page

    Click on the screen name from the lists to see a popup containg details about that tweep.

    You can also use TweepDiff directly from the browser url. The format


    where screen_name is the Twitter screen name of each user, and type is either 'friend' or 'follower'. You can also use 'fr' and 'fo' abbreviations. If you leave off any part, TweepDiff will attempt to do the sensible thing, for example

    will diff the friends and followers of a single user.

Future Plans

  • Allow you to follow someone directly from within TweepDiff. Currently, you have to click on their URL to go to to Twitter.
  • Add navigation and paging options so you can see more information at a time or restrict which information you see.
  • Add a text option so you can copy a full list of the differences without paging.
  • Feel free to make suggestions on our UserVoice forum

Try it out or contact us for more information.