SlideJam - Presentations on Demand

What is it?

SlideJam is a web application that lets you upload PowerPoint presentations, share them with others, organize them into folders, create new presentations by combining the slides from the existing ones, and download them locally or send them to someone else via e-mail.

Who needs it?

Do you have dozens, if not hundreds, of PowerPoint presentations scattered throughout your organization? Are you contantly e-mailing presentations back and forth with your co-workers, trying to get ready for an important presentation? Have you ever wanted an easy way to build a new presentation using slides from multiple existing presentations? If so, then you may need SlideJam.

How it Works

It's simple. Just upload your presentations into SlideJam and organize them into folders. Then choose a presentation and drag and drop slides from it into a new presentation. You can add slides from as many presentations as you want and sequence them in any order. When you're done, download it directly to your computer or e-mail it to a colleague.

Uses & Features

  • You or your organization can maintain a single online copy of a presentation.
  • Create custom presentations using a library of slides.
  • Tag presentations with keywords and use the built-in search to quickly find the one you're looking for
  • Create multiple users and limit access to keep the original presentations secure.
  • Quickly build sales presentations that target a prospects specific needs.

Try it out or contact us for more information.