SlideJam - Presentations on Demand

SlideJam is a tool that allows you to manage and share your PowerPoint presentations online. Upload your presentations to make them available to others, and then mix and match slides to build new presentations.

TweepDiff - Compare Twitter Friends and Followers

TweepDiff is a web application that lets you compare the friends or followers of two Twitter users.

Rafflr is a web application that lets you run a raffle for a group of people in an entertaining way. Originally created by Damon Clinkscales, it has been enhanced by Signals Ready and is available as open source software via Austin on Rails.

Not so much a product as a labor of love, this map shows various Austin WiFi hotspots (mostly coffee shops) along with a test of the bandwidth (as of a single point in time). Check it out if you live in Austin or are visiting and need to do some caffeinated hacking (or get your car washed).